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Rare opportunity to purchase 5 in-town Durango residential rental properties. These properties were carefully selected over a period of years based on: condition, location, appreciation and return of investment. Now, this fleet of rentals is being offered in it's entirety. This is a perfect listing for the real estate investor (or investment group) seeking the safety of a hand selected portfolio of single family and duplex residential rental properties with a good return on investment and appreciation rate, without:...the expenditure of time waiting for individual listings of this quality to appear on MLS, the complexities of 5 separate negotiations, 5 separate closing costs, the uncertainty of higher offers from other Buyers and the brain damage of working with 5 different agents and Sellers. These properties include: 1 duplex, 1 ADU, 1 single family home and 2 townhouses. These 5 properties have all been meticulously maintained, and were purchased for middle end rentals. They have all had a great rental track record with above average appreciation and any vacancy is both short lived and extremely rare. The properties addresses and brief description are as follows: 1. 819 E 5th St. Duplex, built -1997, 6 bedrooms 4 baths, 2,400 SQ FT rental rate is $3,700 per month- tax $1241 per year 2. 160 W. 33rd ST. ADU with 4 bedrooms 2.5 baths, 2,240 SQ Ft, rental rate $3,100 per Month, tax $1,241 per year 3. 2812 W 2nd Ave- townhouse, Built 2001, 4 bedroom 2 bath, 1,745 Sq FT, rental rate is $2,150 per month, tax 1,036 per year 4. 3030 Quasar -Townhouse, built 2004, 3 bedrooms 2.5 baths, 2075 SQ FT, rental rate $2,000 per month, tax- $ 862 per year and HOA $125 per month. 5.145 Pinnacle Place (Skyridge), Single family -built 2011, 3 bedroom 2 bath single story, 1745 Sq FT, rental rate $2,000 per month, tax $1,155 per year.

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