Kara Lloyd

Broker’s Assistant

Kara was born in Cincinnati, Ohio as one of six children. She and her family moved around a bit because of their family trucking business and they made homes in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama. In 1996, she and a group of friends decided to move to Durango, sight unseen, and she fell in love … not only with one of the most beautiful towns on earth, but with her future husband as well. Because of a job opportunity, Kara and her husband moved to North Carolina. It was nice, but it didn’t feel like home. When they found out they were having a baby, Kara insisted they move back to Durango (after less than a year in NC) because she knew Durango was a great place to raise children. Kara also believes the Durango magnet pulled them back (most people who try to move away end up coming back). Kara has worked in a few different places here in Durango which allowed her to make great friends and get to know a lot of people, but at DLAH, she feels she’s finally found her happy place. She enjoys being Christina’s assistant and loves the opportunity to work with Christina’s clients. When not charming folks with her cute, albeit subtle, southern accent, Kara enjoys cooking for her husband, daughter, and dog. The Lloyd family also enjoys the outdoors and while Kara would rather go glamping, she’s more than happy to go camping as long as family and friends are involved.

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