Jola Schraub

Office Manager

Jola was born and raised in Chicago and earned her Liberal Arts Degree from Loyola University.  Her plan was to become an attorney, but all that changed when she went to work for a law firm.  Working there made her realize that the life of a lawyer was not for her.  She and her family vacationed in Durango in 1992 and everyone felt as if they had finally come “home”.

They solidified that feeling by purchasing a parcel of land south of town on that trip.  It took seven long years, but they built their dream home and the entire family moved to Durango in 1999 and they’ve never looked back.  Moving across the country to beautiful Durango was the best decision of their lives.  Jola enjoys working with the team at Durango Land and Homes because it gives her the opportunity to play a small role in making other people’s dreams come true.  Jola was formerly the executive assistant to the CEO of Purgatory.  While there, she and Chris Bettin, former co-owner of DLAH, worked closely together for a decade during the most prolific period of development at the resort and when the opportunity arose to again join forces it was a perfect alliance that was fortuitous for all parties.

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