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You name it, Durango has it!

Durango is home to some of the best entertainment venues around and each year attracts bands from the Four Corners region and beyond.  Live music is performed in town at the Animas City Theatre as well as local clubs and bars. At the Community Concert Hall, located on Fort Lewis’ campus, bands, symphonies, ballets and lecturers grace the stage. There is always a concert swinging, a movie playing, or something to do in and around Durango.

Movie Theaters

Gaslight Theater
102 E 5th Avenue
(970) 247-8133

Allen Theatres
900 Trans Lux Drive
(970) 247-9799


11th Street Station
1101 Main Avenue
(970) 422-8482

Ska Brewing Tasting Room
225 Girard Street
(970) 247-5792

The Office Spiritorium
699 Main Avenue
(970) 247-4431

El Moro Spirits and Tavern
945 Main Avenue
(970) 259-5555

Durango Craft Spirits
1120 Main Ave. #2
(970) 247-1919

Four Leaves Winery
528 Main Ave.
(970) 403-8182

Steamworks Brewing
801 E. 2nd Avenue
(970) 259-9200

The Diamond Belle Saloon
699 Main Avenue
(970) 375-7150

Notable Events

Music in the Mountains
Celebrating over 30 years of classical music in the San Juan Mountains, Music in the Mountains brings world-famous performers, and up and comers, to Durango for a three week festival featuring events at Durango Mountain Resort (Purgatory) and in the town. Each year Durango Mountain Resort and Music in the Mountains host the fan favorite Pop’s Night, with themes ranging from Big Band to Broadway.  Family, Children and free concerts are also part of the event, introducing youth to the wonders of classical music. For more information on the Music in the Mountains Classical Concert Series please visit www.musicinthemountains.com.

Durango Independent Film Festival
Durango’s longstanding film festival received a face-lift in 2006 and the festivals future continues to look bright. Local theaters around town screened more than 200 films during the weeklong festival, ranging from independent films to children’s films. Information about the festival is available at www.durangofilm.org

The Durango Wine Experience

This is truly our favorite annual event in Durango.

Experience three delicious days of educational seminars, wine dinners and unique tastings featuring hundreds of wineries, artisan spirits and craft beers.

The Walk-About Durango is our signature, casual, multi-location, downtown Durango tasting event.

Top local chefs are showcased and the finest wineries, distributors, breweries and distilleries from around the world are featured at the Grand Tasting on Saturday, May 7th, from 3:00-6:30pm.

Durango is the perfect destination for your wine and culinary adventures.
We have multiple Wine Spectator acclaimed restaurants.
Over 50 liquor-licensed establishments.
600+ Hotel Rooms.
200+ galleries, boutiques & shops.

Taste of Durango: Durango’s Premier Food and Drink Festival

The premier food festival and the best summer kick-off party in Durango, CO featuring local craft breweries, artisan cocktails, and countless samples of the world-class cuisine that Durango’s restaurants offer! Always complimented by a fantastic selection of music, dancing, fun, and friends.

Anyone from Durango knows that we live in a town that celebrates the food! Our Chefs and restaurant owners work tirelessly to provide our town with an exceptional variety and caliber of dining options.

The Taste of Durango is produced, managed, and coordinated by the very people bringing you this experience on a daily basis: Durango’s Chapter of the Colorado Restaurant Association.

The event benefits the Manna Soup Kitchen, delivering nearly $20,000 a year in funds to the organization.


Every culture and society has its own “creation” myth or story.
This is ours…

…A long time ago back in 1979, the Land of Durango was covered in winter’s darkness and the People and Commerce were depressed.
A great lament was heard throughout the land, as the days were short and bore little fruit.

And so it came to pass one dark day The Founder John Murrah (the man who originally came up with the idea), heard this hue and cry.

He enjoined the Lords of Business (DACRA, as it was then known) and the Lords of Information Dissemination (The Durango Herald) that a winter celebration would bring Enterprise to the land and raise up the people in their time of need.
And so it came to pass that the Lords agreed and they seeded the project with $2,000 from The Durango Herald.

snowdown banner

Then the Founder said to the people, “Let there be FUN!” And SNOWDOWN was established as a winter Fun celebration.

But a Celebration such as this requires more than a Founder to get started, and so a Great Coordinator was to be found, one to spread the word among the People.
And so it came to pass that Terry Fiedler was hired at $1,000 that first year to organize the project
(but to be paid only after all expenses were recouped).
The Coordinator’s word was good and jollity, commerce and mirth spread among the people.
And so it came to pass that SNOWDOWN survived and continued into subsequent years and Fiedler usually volunteered his time, occasionally relieved by others (which helped a lot). All was good in the land.

It came to pass that SNOWDOWN became well known, even beyond the borders of the Land.
SNOWDOWN then became a non-profit corporation.
The Great Coordinator and his Disciples (all the volunteers that believe in SNOWDOWN) decided that Fun should be the guiding light,
so to speak, and that SNOWDOWN should be independent from the Lords of Business.

Although the People could see the Light at the end of the tunnel and the Land prospered, the Lords of Business said “Nay”.
A great battle ensued and much thunder and bluster was heard throughout the Land
(the debate created a lot of hot air, which helped sell the paper).

Finally, a compromise was reached and the Lords of Business and the Great Coordinator and his disciples determined to rule jointly in peace.

And so it came to pass that a SNOWDOWN Board of Directors was created.
The original appointments to The Board of Directors of SNOWDOWN were three individuals selected by DACRA,
three individuals from the planning Committee, and three chosen by the current Board.

Under the current By-Laws, new members are elected by the current Board of Nine.

And so it came to pass that once again all was good in the Land.

The Great Coordinator smiled…. the People frolicked….. and the Lords prospered.

So SNOWDOWN continues to this day to bring Fun and increased Commerce & Tourism to Durango.

Each year, SNOWDOWN celebrates Fun and Frivolity!

National Parks

Mesa Verde National Park
One of the Four Corner’s most treasured attractions, Mesa Verde was established in 1906 as one of the first National Parks of its kind. The Park, located less than an hour from Durango, is home to ancient dwellings built by Ancestral Puebloan Indians around 600 A.D. The people who called this area home mysteriously disappeared in 1300 AD. Today, the site has been designated a World Cultural Heritage Site by the United Nations and is well preserved so that guests from around the world can tour the ancient dwellings.

For more info, visit their website: https://www.nps.gov/meve/index.htm


Fort Lewis College
Known as the “Campus in the Sky,” this four year, state assisted undergraduate school is known for its top notch faculty, amazing location and proximity to outdoor resources. Fort Lewis College has an enduring commitment to develop and maintain its programs at a level equal to those of other outstanding undergraduate institutions in the nation.  Fort Lewis has world-class sports programs and is home to multi-year national champions in their cycling and soccer programs.


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